A better future for everyone …

In preparing a Community Action Plan for this area, we need everyone’s views.  If you live or work in any of the scattered communities of South Loch Awe- side, Lochawe, Dalmally, Bridge of Orchy and places in between – this is your opportunity to make a difference. 

…starts here!

You can start now ...

For the Community Action Plan to be authentic the community must take the opportunity to voice its opinion.
You can do it now online– the quickest and easiest way.
Click the button to answer the questions online.

Other options . . .

If you would prefer, there are other ways of completing the survey . . .

1) Collect a survey

From either:

Dalmally Post Office
Dalmally Stores
Loch Awe Stores

2) Get a survey Delivered

. . . to your door by hand
and collected.
Or sent by email

3) Complete the survey by PHONE

07766 398 466
We will call you back and take you through the questions


In putting together an action plan for change we need first to talk, all of us. About what we like, about where we live and the things we would like to change. Small changes we can action immediately, bigger projects we can plan for and seek finance to bring change. We can even dream about major projects which would enrich life and transform our patch and make living here or simply visiting an extraordinary experience. 

Every voice matters

Young and old, newcomers and the old guard, residents and those who work here – your opinion is invaluable to this conversation. A tiny seed thought or a blockbusting epic or anything in-between!

No topic out-of-bounds

Social & community life, local business – existing and opportunistic, better facilities for all, protecting our environment & heritage, increasing sustainability & resilience, or anything that you think will improve our situation.

The Survey – then what next?

The results of this survey and other consultations will be displayed locally and online and you will have plenty of opportunity to give feedback. From all the information gathered the Community Action Plan will be shaped and presented. The 5 year Community Action Plan will help local groups to secure funding and support for projects and developments that we would like to see happen. It will also be the basis for the community making representation and working in partnership with public bodies like Forestry & Land Scotland, ACHA, and Argyll and Bute Council.