What are the 7 questions?

Here are the questions that you will find when you go online to complete the survey.

You can get a paper copy of the survey from
Gilly at the Post Office
Colin & Dianne at Glenview Stores
Nichola at Loch Awe Stores

Or phone Karen for one to be hand delivered (and collected). 07766 398 466
e: gi.communityactionplan@gmail.com

1.  What do you LIKE about your local community?

2.  What DON’T you like about your local community?

3.  What would make your local community BETTER to live in, work in or visit?

4.  What would be your PRIORITIES for action?   (Smaller projects might be easier to action – bigger ones may take more time!)

5. What is the BEST Glenorchy & Innishail you can imagine? Your VISION for this community in the future?

6. How can the community be greener and stronger (more sustainable and resilient) after the pandemic?

7. It would be helpful to know where views are coming from, so please tell us your age range / location.

If you are ready to answer the questions, please click THE SURVEY button at the top of the page, thank you.