We can – together!

The priorities in this action plan are being taken forward by local community groups working with a range of public, private and voluntary sector partners.  We will need to grow our capacity, volunteering and resources as a community to help deliver some of the important projects in this Action Plan.

To present a united vision will strengthen our cause when accessing services, applying for funding or sharing assets. Our geography doesn’t help us much but the more able we are in developing good communication and trust from Achallader to Eredine all who live or work in (or visit)  Glenorchy & Innishail will benefit.

During the community engagement over 40 people said they were interested in being involved in helping develop the priorities in one or other of the themes. Many of those have begun to move things forward in one or more of the various themed groups. 

This is a five year plan and we warmly invite (enthusiastically urge) others to join the groups. 

The five themes …

1. Access to Services & Housing
2. Local Economy & Tourism
3. Environment & Heritage
4. Community Facilities, Activities & Events
5. Roads, Traffic, Pavements & Parking