Community Action Planning – the 7 stages


The 7  stages happened during the pandemic.  A massive thanks to the many who helped carry the project forward.

Individual & group exchanges

 30 meetings with community organisations and stakeholders.

Community profile


THE BIG CONVERSATION - 7 Questions Survey

 169 Completed Surveys!

FEEDBACK WEEK - Vote on Priorities

Given the restrictions the community was unable to meet but most worked around that – thanks everyone!

Draft Community Action Plan

What we do, how we do it, who needs to be on board and when we do it by. All voices important – making sure it is a good reflection of the discussions.


Comments on the draft plan

Draft plan made available: online, via email, or paper copies. A couple of weeks for suggestions, additions, changes.

Plan finalised.


Glenorchy & Innishail Community Action Plan

The Plan Launch.
June 2021

First Actions

These are underway – details on the project pages.

We will review the plan every year.