Who’s behind it?

3 Interlocked Jigsaw pieces

Community partnership…

Glenorchy and Innishail Community Council applied for the funding to develop a community action plan.  They are working in partnership with …
South Loch-Aweside Community Company and …
Dalmally Community Company.
A Steering Group with representatives from all three organisations was set up to make it happen. The name of this group was changed to the Community Action Group

The funds cover the costs of consultants from STAR Development Group to help with the day-to-day work.

Introduction to STAR Development Group (Word doc)
Community Action Plan Benefits (pdf)
Community Action Plans Overview (pdf)

People …

Community Action Group members are :
Kenny Black  | Dalmally Community Company
Tracey Peedle | Dalmally Community Company
Jon Strickland | South Loch-Aweside Community Company
John Kerr | Glenorchy and Innishail Community Council
Sue Rawcliffe | Glenorchy and Innishail Community Council (Chair)

There are two consultants working with us, Colin Roxburgh and Lesley Campbell.
And Karen and Ben are co-ordinating the survey locally [see details below].



For all things survey > Karen Jamieson |  Local Survey Co-ordinator |  gi.communityactionplan@gmail.com  | 07766 398 466
Social Media & Youthful voice > Ben Macfarlane-Barrow   |  benmacfab@gmail.com
Community Action Group contact > Sue Rawcliffe  |   07411 694 820
Website stuff >  Steve Beesley  |  steve@beesley.info  |  01838 200915


Funded by …

The funds are from Local Energy Scotland as part of their Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES). This is Scottish Government money that is available to support communities to develop community action plans where they have income from community benefit payments.